What We Do

Rosslyn Energy is involved in the construction of plants, refineries, pipelines and other installations for various market segments from their inception, design, launching, pre-operative and management or final delivery stages to clients and third parties. While delivering high-quality products within time and budget margins, we maximize also the value-added.


Rosslyn Energy is involved in trading, shipping and chartering services. We acquire assets everywhere in the world to mature and farm them out. We relay on emerging markets to supply refined products, crude oil as well as metals and minerals.


We acquire small assets where discoveries have been proven, to adopt an innovative approach and quickly pass to the production. We believe that there is still an unexplored potential available in Africa and Asia in term of oil and gas exploration and the market has an important need.


We form strategic partnerships with national oil companies, other independent oil companies and local companies in countries where we operate.  At project maturity, we reduce the number of expatriates personnel, then form, train and assist the local staff until they take over the management and maintenance in their own country of any complex plant.

We aim to reduce the exposure to risk with a strong emphasize on the cash flow generation and build up the reserves. We believe that the appropriate selection of our strategic alliances is crucial to maintain long term growth. We strongly believe that the technical team with innovative thinking combined with local knowledge is a channel to success in oil & gas Exploration and Production

Short Term Strategy

  • Trading refined oil and crude oil.

  • Acquire assets, mature them for farm out.

  • Target emerging market to supply refined products and crude oil as well.

Middle Term Strategy

  • Invest in natural gas Exploration and Production.

  • Invest in renewable energy.

  • Invest in oil Exploration.

Our Services



Trading Of Petroleum Products

No matter where you are, we deliver petroleum products with responsibility and reliability.



Shipping & Freight

We provide shipping % freight services for third-party clients



Oil & Gas Training

We provide advanced & basic Oil & Gas training in 27 different fields. Our courses can be tailored as per your needs from drilling processes to trading through production processes



Passive Seismic

Due to our geophone system technology, we provide passive seismic in exploration, appraisal and development with confidence



Trading Of Bio-Fuels/Ethanol

We also trade bio-fuels and ethanol all over the world



Hydrocarbon Processing

We provide advanced and efficient hydrocarbon processing methods to carry out downstream activities

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Production Facility Services

We provide surface facility maintenance and support contribute to the smooth operation of our clients' activities

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Exploration, Drilling & Production

We cover all activities linked with exploration, drilling and production of Oil & Gas Platforms. From the evaluation process to the realization and maintenance



Trading Of Metals & Minerals

Beyond Oil & Gas, Rosslyn Energy is heavily involved in the trade of metals and minerals.



Reservoir Modelling

We provide a geomodeling workflows which integrates data from various sources and scales to obtain the best estimation of the reservoir properties



Fire Safety And Protection Services

We provide fire safety and protection solutions. From analysis of systems to installation with technical qualifications and certificates



Implementation Of Refineries

we implement completely new refineries around the world for third-party customers