Sustainable Energy


Rosslyn Energy strives to adapt to evolution and changes that affect the business world as well as our environment. These different changes represent external factors that impacts cannot be subtracted on our activities, Rosslyn Energy is constantly developing appropriate strategies to maintain a balance between our current needs and those of future generations in various fields.

Environmental Responsibility

At Rosslyn Energy we integrate professional maneuvers into our policy which synchronize the development of our business as well as the maintenance of ecological integrity. At the heart of Rosslyn Energy’s activities, we make rational use of natural resources in a responsible way that prevent pollution in the different processes involved in our operations. In addition, we promote the sustainable use of raw materials and natural resources by putting in place advanced strategies for continuously improving our environmental.

Social Responsibility

Rosslyn Energy complies with the legislation in force on human rights protection, as well as with other voluntarily accepted commitments and practices in our daily corporate activities. We manage our team and partners with processes that assure equal opportunities and non-discrimination by reason of race, age, sex, marital status, nationality, religion or any other physical or social characteristic